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Many university students have to give powerpoint presentations as part of their courses. This requirement tends to be highly beneficial: placed in the shoes of the teacher as someone who must deliver content and ideas to one’s classmates, the student has to judiciously digest the required reading, acquiring a sufficient understanding of the material in order that he or she might present it encouragingly. Innovation is key: a student who shows initiative will benefit from the exercise. The whole point is to begin with independent learning and to progress through the sharing of ideas and the discussions they engender. Altogether Powerpoint design must be taken seriously at college. These are really just another form of sales presentations, albeit for a different audience.

Obviously, the young graduate has time to redress his or her failings. But the job market is tough, and clients are not easily swayed by those who cannot raise their enthusiasm through a medium with the potential to truly appeal. Powerpoint is a fantastic programme when it comes to presenting alluring images and even short excerpts of film. In fact, though many people rush to disparage Powerpoint, the more savvy technophiles know that it’s a very flexible tool, and one that is before its time when we think of what a very visuals-obsessed world we now occupy. Of course, Powerpoint can also be used for the presentation of text, but often it is advisable to distribute text via printed hand-outs. Certainly, a mixture of images and oral presentation will keep your audience alert: they will have to pay attention or risk losing the information. And if you say something noteworthy your audience can jot it down, which is much more environmentally friendly than assuming everyone wants a paper copy of all the material presented.

powerpoint presentations really shouldn’t induce yawns. Everyone has attended dull seminars and seen badly-constructed slide shows, but smart Powerpoint design counts for a lot. Putting a halt to this will make for clients who will enthusiastically embrace sales presentations and endorse the pitches and products. That’s the same whether the market is a lecture hall full of students or a room full of sales reps. Powerpoint can be used to engage and inspire, or else to switch off and send to sleep – and the line can be a fine one.

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Get an Eyeful of the next stage in Presentation Design and Presentation Creation Training

It appears to have become a truth universally acknowledged that sales presentations are boring: and if they are not drab, then they are excruciatingly bad. Gimmicky graphics, poorly-chosen images, mickey-mouse PowerPoint design,dull text matched by a faltering, monotone speech: it appears that most businesses accept that these are simply routinepart and parcel of the ritual disappointments which are sales presentations. But why should this be? It’s wrong that we should have resigned ourselves to an important part of organisational life being more or less routinely dismal. Would this kind of routine malfunction be accepted in any other area of office life? Faulty fire escapes, malfunction-prone delivery vans, dial-up internet connections? No way – so why sales presentations and PowerPoint design? Something has got to change.

Step forward, Eyeful Presentations! The dashing team at Eyeful (also known as Eyefulites) have given themselves the task of fighting the blight of depressing PowerPoint presentations, with energy, innovation and vigour. They offer a rounded package of measures to give your sales presentations a much-needed shot in the arm. Eyeful will inoculate your sales presentations against such maladies as “death by PowerPoint”, presentation anxiety, and technical disaster.

Not everyone is a born performer. And not everyone has a natural, innate gift for crafting perfect sales presentations. But the Eyeful team will do their level best to make you a star of the presentations stage, and a PowerPoint artist. Eyeful’s basic philosophy is that they don’t want you to simply outsource the business of producing PowerPoint presentations: they view their job as training up your very own army of Eyefulite presentation geniuses within your organisation, and transforming your overall PowerPoint design and presentation practice from within.Â

Fresh thinking is key – Eyeful run a plethora of Eyeful Labs, presentation seminars, workshops and training programmes whose main objective is to get you to look at the task of crafting and delivering a presentation differently, with a liberated eye. From deceptively simple matters of design technique, like crafting a presentation around the framework of a story to make it more memorable and gripping for your audience; to the practical business of getting up on the podium and presenting your heart out; to the technical questions of how to make your software really go to work for you as best it can, the Eyeful strategy is all about turning your colleagues into lean, mean presentation machines. So say goodbye to the dark, dark night of substandard PowerPoint design presentations, and step into the light of excellent sales presentations with Eyeful!

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Offices used to be disordered and complicated places with machines and filing cabinets in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Bulky photocopiers would stand next to great switchboard systems, and computers with voluminous monitors would occupy whole desks. Going back further still, some parts of offices would have resembled craft shops, as employees made carbon copies of worksheets. document management in those days represented a formidable task, requiring memory and handwriting skills at the top of their game. Now, of course, these skills are not outright disregarded but they can be overlooked among people whose analytical thought as well as their pragmatism is deemed to be more of an asset. Indeed, document processing really requires staff to have their wits about them, especially if the documents are going somewhere confidential. Confidentiality is certainly important these days, and perhaps more than ever since ‘hackgate’ (The Leveson inquiry). Even fellow employees must be protected in this department, for the safe invoice processing of their wages and fees is an important marker of any given institution’s reputation.

A company that can secure a good reputation in terms of its relationship with its employees will be sure to have a weight lifted from its shoulders, as well as a better sight of its future aims. Accelerated invoice to pay systems, used by temporary workers and freelancers will be very helpful in terms of granting a clear vision looking forwards. Thus the modern office that utilises document management systems efficiently will literally and metaphorically have more room to grow – paper transformed into electronic content will give clear sightlines and an uncluttered environment while fast payment systems will keep the company in the good books and ensure that external services are proposed ever more eagerly. Altogether, decluttering and getting on top of admin and accounts means empowering the mobile workforce.

What the majority of companies should be aiming for in this day and age is a transparent system and a realistic, though vigorous approach to allocating budgetary funds. Different departments of individual companies have extremely varying needs and it is important that the management acquaints itself with every department’s requirements, individually. If that sounds like hassle, consider document processing whereby elected individuals could be spokespersons for their department and interact directly with document content in a location visible to the directors. When document management occurs in this way, the management proper will have more knowledge and be able to do a better job. Invoice processing is slightly different of course but can be handled in an equally fair and transparent way.

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Having decent access to the internet has become nearly as essential to daily life as having an efficient heating system or constant water supply. Obviously, the latter have an impact on our actual capacity to survive but when it comes to leading a healthy existence as responsible and free thinking people, the internet provides a fundamental service too. So many things are made more difficult if you are not online: from checking your bank balance and paying bills, to the more pleasurable social matters of keeping in touch with friends and family. This is why it is quite scandalous that, prior to the launch of community broadband projects concerned with improving ICT infrastructure, whole swathes of the nation were being deprived of technological wealth that should have been available to all from the start. It is little surprise that the areas worst affected were the regions: rural Britain is used by now to being low down on the list of priorities in comparison with London and other large cities. Happily though, the companies behind next generation access initiatives are making sure that broadband services are becoming more evenly distributed. Finally, we can look forward to a Britain that is both linked up internally as well as a Britain allowing its inhabitants to reach out to resources worldwide.

The lessening of the gap between those able to obtain a speedy internet service and those who cannot is especially fundamental in our present climate of austerity. While permanent contracts in established enterprises are proving difficult to secure for the young and mature alike, there is an ever growing possibility for individuals and small groups of people to be proactive and launch projects on their own initiative online. With the appropriate skills, a small idea can grow into something great once it has secured an online presence and appropriate audience. This is because the world wide web functions in a cross-border way: ideas, products and information are disseminated in a totally different way here than do documents and other physical entities reliant upon national and international postal systems or fax.

So, if you suppose that the area you inhabit is still being ill served in terms of internet provision, it is worthwhile telephoning your local authority to ask when you can expect a positive improvement. ICT infrastructure does take time to ameliorate but increased pressure will increase the speed with which next generation access is delivered. It’s time to fight for your community’s access to community broadband.

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Taking your sales presentations off your notepad and onto a striking set of slides can make all the difference to winning or losing a pitch. powerpoint presentations place your ideas and message centre stage but first and foremost ensure that you build strong relationships with clients and customers. This is easy to achieve with intuitive PowerPoint design.

While content and slickness are always central to a winning pitch, PowerPoint slides allow you to go further. The versatility of these highly-visual presentations can give your pitch the personal touch necessary to convince and persuade.

Making sure that your focus is tight and sharply targeted is something Powerpoint companies can give advice on. A succinct delivery is what PowerPoint does best, its series of slides and visuals emphasising clarity of communication.

Whatever your situation, PowerPoint will be able to augment your pitch. For those in a last-minute panic, PowerPoint can update your presentation to a professional and convincing standard. Scribbled notes are rapidly transformed into smart bullet points.

If you are looking a little further into the future, in the case of the launch of a new product, then again PowerPoint can really boost the marketing success of this new product. However multi-dimensional the concept may be, you can rest assured PowerPoint will manage to encapsulate it in all its aspects.

PowerPoint presentations, with their flair for tailoring your message, stand out from the crowd. There is no risk your unique and bespoke presentation will vanish into the flood of products out there. Instead, the personal relationship the slides help to build will continue to yield sales returns.

For guidance on how best to implement your thoughts in a slide presentation, experienced companies will be more than happy to help. Their expertise of the area will make sure your presentation maintains clarity in design and effectiveness in delivery.
Firstly, you will need to decide upon your angle – this is vital to a credible and relevant presentation. Secondly, make sure your pre-written content is working hard enough to get your message across. Thirdly, focused design and your own accompanying delivery will combine to complete a polished and pertinent pitch. Sales success has been shown to be directly related to the use of PowerPoint.

If you are looking to give your sales pitches a leg up, powerpoint presentations are the solution. This method of giving sales presentations is second to none when it comes to impressive communication. With the PowerPoint design to hand, your marketing will be given a complete makeover, and a competitive advantage.

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Although paperless offices are the ideal nowadays, the reality is far from happening. A paper-free operation should save time and money, bringing efficiencies as documents are accessible and, essentially, indestructible. Unfortunately, if the rest of the world hasn’t caught up to your ideals, you will be forced to use both systems: an awkward melting pot of old and new. Document processing bridges this gap until everyone is on the same page (electronic or otherwise). It’s a way of turning paper documents into e-versions that can then be used like any other computer file. These can then be stored in a document management system, organising them so that they can be accessed by all of the necessary staff. Similarly, invoice processing streamlines your accounts department, ensuring that you have a computer record of all paper invoices, and that no one gets left behind because they are using old technologies.

The benefits of all this are huge. Where other companies and individuals use e-invoicing, you can send instant and secure requests for payments, and receive your money in the same way – without the need for tiresome and time-consuming paper invoices, which have a habit of getting lost. When customers and suppliers send you invoices by snail mail, they can be converted to electronic form by the software, allowing you to treat them in the same way as e-invoices.
This process is extremely useful when it comes to invoicing and payments, since your company stands and falls on its cash-flow and reputation. No one ignores it when invoices are lost or delayed, and this level of automation eliminates those kinds of problems. Along with other, related software it can also address the problems of incorrect invoices, including duplicates or more fraudulent submissions.

However, the use of these technologies goes beyond invoice processing. Document processing is also useful for the day-to-day running of your business, since the efficiencies it brings lead to a smoother operation. Document management means that you should never be slowed down by a letter or memo sitting on someone’s desk under a pile of paper. Similarly, papers can be used simultaneously by any number of people without photocopying. That can transform meetings and business planning and allow your staff to do their jobs more easily and simply. That has knock-on benefits for productivity. Whilst the truly paperless office is some way off, then, this collection of technologies has the ability to bridge the gap, making life a lot easier in the meantime.

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It has regularly been said that Powerpoint is the most abused PC application ever. We have all had the experience of watching lousy Powerpoint presentations and feeling pretty abused ourselves! sales presentations which insult our intelligence or which try to conceal a lack of clear thought with nifty Powerpoint design are just plain irritating. We’ve all been on the wrong end of sub-standard presentations so why do so many of us still get Powerpoint so wrong?

One of the problems is that the Powerpoint software itself is not tricky to use, even without any training, and it’s very tempting, especially if we find our own pitch tedious after over-exposure to it, to play about with fun graphics and special effects. Suddenly you realise you’ve wasted hours of time that could have been spent on structuring the message behind the presentation.

The other key mistake is to start putting together your presentation with the Powerpoint software already open. Powerpoint does not however do the thinking for you! Many messages that need to be delivered are not entirely linear or are not easily divided down into neat bullet points. Far more sensible to spend some time, either with old-fashioned pen and paper or with an alternative application working out what exactly it is you need to communicate. If you need a deadline in order to perform then leave the Powerpoint till later in the process so that you are less prone to getting distracted with all the bells and whistles!

On the other hand, there are times when you need to make an impression or convey high-level information, such as for a sales pitch to a key new client, and that’s when it may make sense to draft in a specialist. The advantage of calling in outside help is that your content is not familiar to them so they will be excellent judges as to whether your overall presentation is clear to an outside audience or not. A good company can offer a bespoke service, giving advice on every stage of the process from clarifying the central message to creating slides that clarify rather than detract from your message. Some can also coach you on your presentation style, giving you the confidence to really shine at your next pitch.

Excellent Powerpoint presentations ultimately depend on connecting with people. When all is said and done, giving sales presentations still involves public speaking which is, for most of us, a learned skill. It’s easy to attempt to deflect attention with the Powerpoint design but it’s an approach that can backfire spectacularly in terms of ultimate impact. If your next presentation is an important one, could it be time to call in the experts?

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What do people mean when they speak about unified communications solutions?

Basically, unified communications solutions bring all of the items you use for communications together into a single system. Imagine the advantages of having all your telephones, video, IM and conferencing all in one environment.

Video conferencing and audio visual conferencing definitely came to the fore earlier this year. The Icelandic volcano eruption disrupted plane travel in Europe, leaving many businessmen stranded. But due to unified communications solutions from Edge Vision, business meetings could still take place!

Video conferencing software lets you use your computer to conduct meetings with people from all over the planet.

The ability to be able to do this is vital if you’re trying to achieve a business deal. The difference between success and failure regularly comes down to the speed with which you communicate.

Now consider the probable cost saving advantages to audio visual conferencing. The ability to carry on as always with meetings during the volcanic crisis showed companies that there’s no need to spend enormous sums of money on plane tickets.

These days you can discuss elaborate procedures by displaying images, graphs and PowerPoint presentations in an audio visual conferencing environment.

Edge Vision realises that, as more and more companies come to depend on unified communications solutions; system reliability is of overriding importance. That’s why the company arranges to visit the home of every one of installations, twice a year.

This preventative maintenance visit is carried out by highly experienced support engineers who run a complete series of diagnostic checks to ensure systems are in excellent working order.

Now is the time to get on the bandwagon and upgrade your communication systems to suit 21st century living.

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I used to find giving powerpoint presentations a real problem.  I never quite felt that I had mastered the art of reducing the information I wanted to impart into a few slides, and standing next to a screen talking people through them.  I was used to doing sales presentations, but had not always done so with the powerpoint programme, as my sales pitches were more practical, focusing on demonstrations of the product itself.  I realised that until I felt completely confident with the program I would struggle to make really powerful sales pitches.  For that reason, I decided to take a course in powerpoint design.

I looked around to see which companies offered this service, and was reassured to see there were quite a few, in particular, Eyeful Presentations, which offers a variety of packages to help people and companies improve their powerpoint skills.  My company funded the course, and it was really good to have a few days out of the office.  I was amazed by some of the techniques I learnt, as I really had not been aware beforehand of the potential of powerpoint as a visual and aural communication device.  I had never thought of putting moving images into my presentations, but I realised that this is the kind of strategy that will really make clients sit up and listen to pitches.

The company also advised me directly on how to improve one of my existing presentations, one which previously had been rather unexciting.  I almost thought that once when I was delivering it, the client was beginning to close his eyes.  The improvements I was able to make at the powerpoint design course really improved my tired old presentation, and the next time I delivered it, not only was the content clearly better, but because I was so confident that I had finally created  an effective presentation, my delivery was noticeablybetter.

I approach sales presentations from a completely different perspective nowadays.  When I am given a brief, my improved knowledge of powerpoint design allows me to think far more carefully about how I can use the tools that powerpoint offers to best communicate my pitch. I think my clients are grateful as well – there are certainly those who dread being in the audience for powerpoint presentations, and I believe that I am able to pleasantly surprise them by delivering a pitch that doesn’t make them want to turn around and walk straight out of the building!

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