It can be a bit of a bother ensuring that your IT system complies with information security standards as economically as possible.  Surecloud has the aim of making the internet a low risk place for companies and organizations of all sizes, and as such, is a good company to look at if you are looking for penetration testing or vulnerability management.  As the internet is ever more vital to our working lives, online security should be very high on our list of objectives.  It should not be only big companies who enjoy protection, and this is why it is advisable to choose vulnerability assessment so that your security solution is relevant to your risk profile.
With vulnerability management, you can automate the management of your security system across your business, which provides you with network asset discovery, asset impact ratings, vulnerability detection, reporting and analysis, and remediation management.  It will also guarantee you immediate online access to security professionals who can help you with remediation issues.  There are various different options available in terms of managing your security.  You can opt for external scanning, to discover and manage vulnerabilities on your network perimeter, or if you would like to discover and manage vulnerabilities on your internal networks, you could choose internal scanning.  If it is your web applications you are concerned about, an App Scanner will allow you to identify and manage web application vulnerabilities.
It is important to make sure the provider of your protection has a decent knowledge base which incorporates many different vulnerabilities and advisories.  Such information will be derived from industry sources such as the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures list and the NIST National Vulnerability Database.
In terms of penetration, to ensure a comprehensive test, a holistic approach will ensure that all possible devices are included in the scope of the test.  This will include live devices that might not be currently used within your organisation’s daily business operations, to make sure all potential risks are highlighted.  The testing will mirror the behaviour of an actual hacking team, leveraging vulnerabilities discovered in one system to attack another, and adapting throughout the testing process.
If you are an IT manager trying to find a company to provide you with vulnerability management, it is certainly advisable to ensure that the security provider you choose uses the most comprehensive approach possible.  Given the potential risks involved in internet security, it is worth devoting time and money to ensure that your penetration testing and vulnerability testing are as effective as possible.

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