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Dubai is currently thriving in artistic and cultural terms. As the capital of MENASA (Middle East/North Africa/South Asia) it boasts a whole calendar of brilliant events and festivals providing a window onto literary and visual art forms that have not previously had much exposure in the West. As such, now is the time to travel to the United Arab Emirates, with working in hotel jobs Gulf or hotel jobs dubai being amongst the instantly available options out there. During festivals in particular, the hotels in Dubai get very full and do a roaring trade. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who enjoys providing good service to customers, meeting new people and keeping busy, it is worthwhile considering applying for these roles. If you’re in the 16-25 age group currently suffering from unemployment or the unpaid internship culture, why not take some time out and earn at the same time? Hospitality jobs Singapore are also widely available now. And, when the job market finally becomes more accessible in the UK and you return home from the East, you will be in a greatly improved position to apply for a new role. Altogether, employees like to see proactive thinking and will be impressed by someone who’s taken the initiative to realise their potential abroad.

Not only will you be working, in fact, but you will also be growing more culturally aware. It’s easy to get into repetitive patterns of thinking when you spend a long time in the same surroundings but it only takes a few months to broaden your mind again. Working in the Gulf or in Singapore will give you the opportunity to widen your horizons and on your days off you can see the sights, sample new foods and meet different people. For those who enjoy learning new languages there are clearly some excellent possibilities in store with hospitality jobs. On the other hand, because so many customers will have excellent levels of English, you will not be at a disadvantage if you are slower to pick up the local lingo.

In fact, Singapore is the world’s fourth largest foreign exchange trading centre so English is an important language for businessmen and women to know. These people will make up a high percentage of your clients if you take up hospitality jobs Singapore. In hotel jobs dubai and hotel jobs Gulf, on the other hand, you may be more likely to meet artists, collectors and dealers.

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School days are some of the most crucial days of a child’s life. Having gotten the right start at home in a loving and encouraging environment the next stage in a young person’s development is his or her learning. The step from the family home to the classroom can be tricky; involving exposure to new thoughts that demand significant periods of concentration to grasp and, perhaps most challenging of all, encounters with new people. These people will for the greatest part be other children and although some of our strongest friendships are formed at school, the preceding phase of mixing and getting acquainted with one another can be a trying time. School uniforms make this stage easier for little ones: they can focus on their classmates’ personalities and positive qualities rather than their physical aspect and, all-importantly, be comfortable in their school clothes during breaktime. Children may object occasionally at having to leave regular clothes for the weekends but once provided with a long-lasting, breathable and simple uniform from a London schoolwear supplier – like everyone else’s – they are sure to stop complaining.

Indeed, school uniforms are all about simplicity and function: they allow children to forget what they look like and value learning, creativity, play and friendship. Uniforms also give teachers a helping hand: studies have shown a significant correlation between adherence to school uniform regulations and good discipline. And we all know that a well-behaved class tends to be a high-achieving class. Reasons for this correlation are of course multiple but among them stands the idea that respect for one’s own dress sense breeds respect for others and respect for teachers. In such a respecting environment a child can be more productive. In brief, uniforms typically make school days simpler and more enjoyable.

Parents of school-age children will naturally appreciate a school with strict rules about uniform. Initially mothers and fathers may dread the expense and time it will take to get all the right garments but once they discover London schoolwear supplier who take orders for school uniforms online and deliver school clothes to the door they need worry no more.

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