Dubai has gained some pretty worrying headlines over the last two or three years, after its economy tanked with the global financial crisis. With its building projects on ice, there were serious uncertainties over what the immediate future held for the area. Now, however, Dubai is viewed as a haven of stability in a fast-changing world. Since it appears all but immune from the Arab Spring, hotel jobs dubai have received a confidence boost as investment and interest turns back there. If you’re interested in working in the hospitality industry in Asia but have wondered about Dubai’s prospects, you might like to add it back to you list along with hospitality jobs Singapore, China and the Philippines. For hotel jobs, Gulf locations have to be scrutinised carefully, but this is one that once again looks promising.

The Arab Spring has seriously impacted the Middle East and Gulf region. Although its effects might ultimately be enormously beneficial, as the popular uprisings bring democracy to a series of states that are essentially family mafias, in the short term there is little but uncertainty. The early days of Tunisia and Egypt were promising, with dictators swiftly ousted from power. Now, the ongoing and increasingly unpleasant conflicts in Libya and Syria seem to buck that early trend, with leaders doggedly holding onto power, even in the face of international criticism and military action.

But there are some areas that the Arab Spring will not affect – Dubai being one. A recent report from HSBC states that ‘confidence in political stability and security remains undimmed’ in the UAE and Qatar. The population is small and comparatively wealthy, thanks to oil exports and the strong service sector, meaning that the grievances of their neighbours do not apply. In fact, Dubai may well benefit from the wider uncertainty of the Gulf, since it is in the stable minority.

This means that for hotel jobs, Dubai appears to have a promising future. Hotel jobs Gulf-wide should hopefully pick up with economic recovery, but due to its political stability Dubai is now better placed than most. If you’re looking for a career in the service sector and are worried about the state of Western economies, then it might be time to cast the net further afield. There are specialist job agencies that collect opportunities from different region around the world and more specifically, from hospitality jobs Singapore to chef vacancies in Mauritius – a brief search will uncover a wealth of possibilities.

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