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As the university term comes to an end, all the students struggling to make ends meet on their student loans are faced with a brand new expense: the festive season is just around the corner, and whether you’re planning to celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or just a booze filled and exuberant New Year, many people are grubbing around for a little extra cash. It isn’t just these students who could do with a helpful cash advance to tide them over till 2012: many of these students’ parents, as well, would like to be able to show them a good time over the seasonal holidays. That’s why many members of British families this year will be taking out unsecured loans for various amounts, in order to have a merrier Christmas.

Usually, an unsecured loan is used to meet other debt payments such as demanding credit card bills, rent payments, mortgage payments or bills. People like to use unsecured loans for these purposes because they offer quick cash payments (often given out within a week or a few days of application), and are easy to access. Often, these loans can be used by people who find it difficult otherwise to get a loan: i.e., people with very bad credit scores, those who have gone bankrupt, etc. But around Christmas time, many people who would be able to obtain credit cards or bank overdrafts choose instead to take out these types of loans, simply because when the sales are coming up, it can help to get one’s hands on cash fast!

That’s why people who can cater for all their needs – for most of the year – with just their student loans, student grants or bursaries find themselves, at Christmas, needing to borrow money in order to get their families, friends and partner great gifts, or to travel to see their loved ones. Students are great candidates for a cash advance through unsecured loans, because the lending organisations know that the students will be getting the money to pay the debts back very soon, in their loan instalments due in January. Nothing can prevent an enrolled student receiving the student loan instalment – unlike other more uncertain sources of income, such as wages from a job somebody may be fired from, or repayments which others may fail to make. So don’t be surprised if you see the students you know flashing unexpected amounts of cash; there are more ways than one to make a student loan pay for itself!

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cash advance solutions are often sought by people who need loans straight away for a whole variety of reasons that need not be revealed to short term loan providers. Whether you need a small or larger sum of extra cash to see you through a tough patch in your finances, these loan providers can help you by lending you an amount of money that you can determine yourself, typically from £75 to £750. If ever you find yourself unexpectedly hard-up and in need of cash quickly it is a good idea to look to a company offering instant loan approval as it will respond to your needs immediately and trust you to repay the amount of cash you have borrowed.

It always helps to know who you are borrowing your money from and that your finances are in safe hands. For this reason it is worth to go to a nationally-based short term loan providers company for your cash advance solutions. With loan providers that are owned and operated in the UK you can rest assured that your money will not disappear to any far-flung location. Furthermore, check a company is a lender, not a broker, meaning that your money will only go in two directions following your instant loan approval: in the first instance cash will go from the loan provider to you as an advance, and then from you back to the loan provider as a simple repayment. All of this will allow you to keep tabs on your financial dealings without concerning yourself with stocks and shares and foreign markets.

The borrowing process really couldn’t be simpler. When you are seeking cash advance solutions you need look no further than a company whose main requirements simply consist of you being a UK resident over 18 years of age, employed and earning over £500 per month, and in possession of a current account and debit card. If you meet these conditions you will almost certainly already be well on the way to solving your temporary cash shortfall. Instant loan approval means that no time will be misspent in undertaking credit checks. Your credit rating won’t even be affected if you borrow from short term loan providers. This is because the companies understand your cash problems will only be short-term – cash advance solutions are there for all those people who simply need an occasional helping hand to make ends meet for a while.

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It’s that time of year again: the annual Budget report. Cash Genie is well aware that this year hasn’t been a good one for many of us, as it’s been full of bad news for just about everyone. Spending cuts, tax hikes, and then, to top it off, a fragile economy and more trouble from overseas. Whatever the changes are, it’s fair to assume that lots of us are going to be worse off afterwards.
It was looking hopeful earlier this year, as the economy was set to be clawing its way back out of the dip. That was before the snow took its toll on growth figures, and raised questions about what the immediate future held. The most recent cause for concern has been the cost of fuel, which will impact every person in the country; even the ones that don’t use a car will still rely on businesses and freight that is driven across the country. Aside from all the tax rises – fuel duty and VAT, with more expected soon – there has also been the concern about the price of oil. Pushed up by conflict in North Africa and the Middle East, oil is finding highs not seen for over two years, and – if Saudi suffers from the same kind of problems – could sky-rocket far higher than we’ve ever seen before.

What can families do to bring their outgoings down? Well, for starters, make sure your car is in top condition, with tyres pumped up and engine serviced. Drive conservatively – avoid sharp accelerating, high speeds and hard braking unless strictly necessary – and don’t switch lanes on the motorway more than you need to. Plus, make sure any unnecessary weight is cleared out (how many of us have rubbish cluttering the boots of our cars?). Good driving habits and well-maintained cars can significantly reduce fuel consumption, and at somewhere between £50 and £80 a tank, that can all add up nicely.

Aside from that, Cash Genie recommends you start considering lift-sharing – there are loads of sites out there dedicated to finding you a journey-mate if you don’t already have one in mind – and, of course, avoid journeys that you don’t need to take in the first place (plenty of health, economic and environmental benefits there). You might even like to think about working from home if you’re a big commuter – even one day a week can make a substantial difference (the average daily commute being an hour), as well as giving you more time to spend with friends and family – it’s win/win.

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It is regularly said by astute people that there is more to life than money, but there is no denying the fact that a dearth of money can be very stressful and have a large negative impact on people’s lives. Finding a magic lamp, rubbing it, and having a Cash Genie materialise to solve your cash flow problems is a castle in the air, and impractical. There are, however, a number of ways in which the stresses and strains which can be caused by an insufficiency of funds can be alleviated. The resolution of such financial problems can then permit people to concentrate on those things which are really important in leading an enjoyable and rewarding life.

The main thing to remember when thinking about your finances is to draw up a budget and to stick to it. Sometimes, however, there can be unanticipated expenses which disrupt even the best laid plans. One option if this happens to you is to take a short-term loan. If you do decide to do this you should always use a reputable business and never a loan shark. Through a reputable company you can arrange a short-term loan for the amount you need while you reorganise your finances to meet the unexpected expense. This can be a useful course of action if, for example, you know that your next pay cheque will arrive shortly, but you need money quickly to meet a sudden, but important, expense or to avoid going overdrawn.

Searching for such companies on the internet will reveal examples of the ways in which short-term loans can be arranged. Often you need only to give your details (including home address and banking information) to get access to a small loan. It is rare for these companies to check your credit rating as part of the process of arranging a loan, so if you have a very poor rating, for whatever reason, this can be a very useful facility. The important thing to be aware of, however, is that if you fail to repay the loan by the agreed deadline it is likely that your credit rating will be adversely affected, even if the amount you owe is only a very small sum.

If you frequently find that you need to borrow money to meet your financial obligations each month then other loan programs or financial advice are likely to be more beneficial. The good thing about a short-term loan is that, like a Cash Genie, it can provide a quick (if temporary) solution to a brief shortage of cash.

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After finishing university, I moved out of my parents’ house immediately, as I was keen to maintain the independence I had gained there.  Sometimes, though, it was quite difficult to keep up my rent payments when I was still feeling the strain of student debt.  Last May I became rather anxious because I just did not know how I was going to pay my rent.  It was so annoying because I knew that as soon as my next payday came I would be alright.  I started looking for a short term loan.  All I wantedwas a cash advance that would see me through until I next got paid.  Luckily, I found a company called Cash Genie who were able to give me instant loan approval and transfer the loan into my account really quickly.

I was able to borrow between £75 and £750 – I was quite relieved that the amount wasn’t higher as I knew I would have been tempted to take out a bigger loan, which I might not have been able to repay as easily.  The application was fairly straightforward, as the only conditions I needed to fulfil were being over 18, employed, and earning over £500 per month.  These small loans provide money for people who do not have access to mainstream credit.  I could have got a credit card, but I was anxious that as I was struggling with my finances a bit, I could end up with a large credit card bill that I wouldn’t be able to pay back.

The company emphasised that they are a short term solution.  Indeed, you can only borrow from them for a 30 day period.  The speed was certainly a good thing as far as I was concerned though, as the instant loan approval was just what I needed.  After the loan was transferred to my account, I paid my rent quickly so I knew how much money I had left, and then worked out a precise budget for what I would be able to spend until my next payday, when I would have to pay back my loan.

I definitely think that for me, a short term loan was a better choice than getting a credit card, which would without a doubt have left me in amounts amounts of debt.  The simplicity of getting a cash advance to last me through until my next payday made things really easy, and I didn’t have to fill in lots of forms.  And getting instant loan approval really gave me peace of mind, and saved my relationship with my landlord.

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Cash Genie provides short-term loans of any amount from £75-£750 that can be paid into your account on the same day. Hopefully you won’t have the cash flow issues that mean you need a short term loan, but it happens to most of us from time to time, and sometimes the quickest and simplest solution to the problem is the best one, because it can give you peace of mind and enable you to concentrate on the important things in life.

Especially now, in troublesome economic times, people who never expected to experience money issues are feeling low on cash. Cash Genie is able, and always happy to help, but also always encourages responsible lending and borrowing. Some people these days are having to make do with smaller budgets, which means taking into consideration various saving techniques that they are not used to. They have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle, with the luxury of not having to think too much about what brand of pasta to buy, for example. Now, though, it would be worth their while to consider things like this.

Keeping accurate accounts of your income and expenditure is the first step to averting money problems in the future. We often neglect to keep and file receipts for things we nonchalantly buy, and believe me – they can add up! At the end of the month, when the bank statement comes through, we realise we had totally forgotten about them, and in these situations it feels like losing money, even though it is really money we willingly spent. Keeping track of receipts helps to nurture good money saving habits, and it makes you really value what you do buy. In turn, it helps to curb casual spending, and, for example, we will be more likely to ask ourselves if we really want to have this £4 sandwich at a petrol station, or whether we could just wait until we get home and make a much nicer sandwich for free. Of course, the ingredients used for the sandwich are not free, and this is another thing worth considering: are we getting value for money on our groceries? It is nice to have good quality, but sometimes it seems we are just paying for nice packaging.

At Cash Genie they recognise the value of sensible budgeting. They also recognise, however, that sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and a short term answer can help tide us over until we get back on track.

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