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A good London schoolwear supplier doesn’t just sell school clothes. They provide peace of mind and the knowledge that purchasing school uniforms doesn’t have to mean days of scouring the high street for every final item your child needs – generally with the child in tow.

Shopping for clothes online has many benefits. For starters, when you buy online – anything, whether it’s clothes, books or computer hardware – you tend to access better prices. That’s because if you buy from a store you’re also paying for their overheads: rent, power, staffing costs and so on. Not only that but they’re likely to be situated somewhere expensive, on the high street where footfall is higher and shops are more competitive. With an online schoolwear supplier, it doesn’t matter where they are working from. You place your order and it’s delivered to your door.

Convenience is another obvious advantage. It’s far simpler and less effort to do your shopping online than it is to find the time to travel to the shops and physically search for what you need. You can buy what you want in your lunch hour at work or in the evenings, rather than take a day to get your child kitted out for next term. It also doesn’t matter when you shop – the internet doesn’t have opening hours.

One issue is sizing, though this doesn’t have to be an insurmountable problem. Take careful measurements and use existing clothes to verify what you need and you should be able to order school clothes that fit well without any trouble. On the off-chance that there is a problem, you can simply return them and have them swapped for a different size. Once you have used the same supplier once, you will have a much better idea of how their clothes fit, so it will get easier and easier as time goes on.

A good London schoolwear supplier will have more than just school clothes. You can treat it like a one stop shop, buying everything that your child needs – stationary and calculators, footwear for clubs and sports as well as school uniforms. Some will even offer a school delivery service, so even if you leave things until the very last minute you can still make sure the correct items will be waiting for them when they arrive at the school gates.

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School uniforms have a lot to be said for them. They are a great leveller in terms of status (in that those of wealthier families dress just the same as children from less well off families), and they introduce a degree of conformity to a school, which helps to reinforce the identity of the pupils as members of the school. Wearing specific school clothes, rather than keeping a looser dress code, also means that there is a minimum level of smartness expected. However, there is a downside to uniforms, and that is cost and hassle when it comes to purchasing them. A London schoolwear supplier that sells clothes online can therefore make a massive difference when it comes to that time of year again – or more regularly, if your children are growing fast.

Kids are often happy to go out and buy clothes, so long as they are clothes they want to wear. The trouble is that school clothes aren’t particularly exciting, and there’s no reason to get the job done. This inevitably means that it gets left to the last minute, and then there’s a mad rush as the family dashes around the high street, trying to buy all the new clothes you need before the new term gets underway. Worse, it’s not just your family, so the relevant shops are packed with (usually) mothers and their children, all hunting for clothes that no one really wants to spend any time chasing after. It’s the standard end-of-holiday nightmare, that looming drag that comes after weeks of rest and recreation (or, alternatively, the crowning misery after weeks of having the house overrun by noisy kids).

The online London schoolwear supplier can avoid many of the problems that come with buying school clothes by the traditional routes. So long as you have the relevant measurements (which you can even find by looking at the labels on those clothes you know do fit well), you can order all the school uniforms you need over the internet, without even setting foot in the crowded shops of the high street. Of course, there are some things you may need to buy in person; some people are wary about buying shoes online, for example, although if you’re confident enough about what you want then these are also available over the internet. But that’s just one trip, rather than a day – or days – of traipsing around the shops, wishing you hadn’t put it off for quite so long this time.

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One of the major arguments made in Britain for having school uniforms is that it simplifies life. It is supposed to remove the hassle of choosing school clothes every day and hide distinctions between those who can afford the latest fads and those who can’t. But, as the London schoolwear supplier Uniform4kids explains, getting hold of school uniforms, with all their countless component parts can be a real problem for parents using the traditional process.

At primary school, you may be blessed enough just to be given a dress code for your little terrors, likely to be grey trousers, a generic white polo shirt and maybe a school sweatshirt with a logo. Even before they move to secondary school though, when potential combinations of blazers, school sweatshirts and scarves can make you want to tear your hair out, there can be Brownie or Cub uniforms to think about, ballet outfits to buy and the six different kinds of sports shoes which your child’s school deem to be crucial.

There was a movement over the last twenty years for some schools to move towards more comfortable school uniforms with sweatshirts and polo shirts being the order of the day and school ties and blazers being rejected. However, these days, it is not just the more upmarket schools who have returned to more traditional outfits. Many schools struggling with discipline issues or low morale have felt that it sets the right tone for children to turn up to school each day in a collar, jacket and tie.

The cost of all of these outfits can be steep, especially if every time your 14-year-old goes up a shoe size he needs new football boots and trainers as well as new school shoes. Those schools which insist on items with logos specific to their school also prevent the clued-up shopper from stocking up on school clothes at the local supermarket, a recent phenomena in the school uniform world. If you also have a child who is particularly small or large for their age, there can be real headaches, although this situation is improving.

Unsurprisingly, the internet is increasingly coming to the rescue for harried, time-pressed parents without the patience to spend hours trawling the local department store with a sullen teenager. A number of sites now provide school uniforms on-line with not just school clothes but sports items and scout or guide uniforms available too. All can be tried on in the comfort of your own home. One London schoolwear supplier reckons they now do the majority of their business on-line as parents forgo the traditional routes of buying uniforms. Looking at the range available on-line, one can definitely see the attraction.

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