Searching online for job opportunities is not always easy.  There are so many websites listing hundreds or even thousands of vacancies, that it can be tough  to find the vacancies that are suited to your skills and experience.  One of the most obvious ways to make sure your job search achieves useful results is to think imaginatively about the search terms you use when you use the search engine.  When I was seeking jobs I tried a variety of methods, starting by using phrases such as ‘security jobs jobs London’ and ‘sales jobs jobs London’.  I found that this returned quite a few relevant results, and I wondered whether I could find useful vacancies by being a bit more specific about the role I was looking for.  I then tried searching for ‘sales ledger manager jobs in London’ and ‘accounts clerk jobs in Bedfordshire’.  These gave me some quite interesting roles to look at, so my next step was to work on my CV and covering letter.

I found that there was quite a lot of advice in books on writing covering letters, some of which I will outline below.  I tend to find it quite difficult to decide what to include in covering letters, and decided that the most effective approach was to keep them fairly concise if possible.  The most important role of the covering letter is to make the reader want to look at your CV, and they are unlikely to do this if you write a rambling cover letter.  When applying for the jobs I had found in my internet searches, I checked the requirements of the positions and specified the reasons why I met those requirements.  I also made sure I addressed the letter to the person stated on the job advert – as there is nothing as uninspiring as reading a letter addressed to ‘Sir/Madam’ or ‘To Whom it May Concern’.

There are so many varied views on what makes a good CV that I found it quite hard to decide how to approach this key part of my job search.  Rather than listing my work history chronologically, I decided on a skills-based CV – so under the title ‘relevant experience’ I grouped my work experience according to the skills I felt would be relevant to the role.

Having finalised my covering letter and CV, I tailored them individually to all the vacancies I had found in my searches for sales jobs jobs London and sales ledger manager jobs in London.  My husband was looking for positions in the security business, so using the suggestions I had read, I helped him with his CV, and we sent it to some of the places we had found when we had searched for security jobs jobs London.  My search for accounts clerk jobs in Bedfordshire had unfortunately not found anything that related to my background, but I had enough to be getting on with!

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