When you want to sell your house, the course of action is clear: you visit an estate agent. They put your house on the market, advertise it, show it to people who are looking to buy, and hopefully before long match you up with one of them. When considering how to sell a school, the landscape is similar – just more unusual. How to sell a church, how to sell a day nursery, or the process for passing on other unusual buildings, is not so very different from the core business of most estate agents. However, you would do well to approach a specialist to make sure that you receive the best possible service – and price.

Firstly, it’s worth knowing that many of these so-called ‘D1’ institutional properties are highly in demand. Running a nursery, for example, is a career that many people aspire to and with strong demand and long waiting lists for the best nurseries, there is always a queue of people looking to buy your property. The same is true of schools, especially since the government opened up the Academies programme to more and more organisations. The problem is that you can’t just put these properties on the market with a regular estate agent. Their clients are the wrong type. Neither can you opt for a typical commercial property agent. These are specialist buildings, and as such require a specialist approach – someone with experience in selling these kinds of properties and the contacts to make it happen. Regular estate agents just won’t understand the requirements of this niche sector, and won’t be able to find the right clients at the right price.

When considering how to sell a day nursery or how to sell a school, you therefore need to approach someone with a strong track record with D1 properties. These include institutional buildings used for education, training, medical and health services, as well as buildings used for religious congregations. If you need to know how to sell a church, this is one route to go down too – though you can sometimes find even more specialised property agents who deal with churches and nothing else. Whatever the nature of your property, you stand a better chance of making a quick sale and receiving a fair price if you go with someone who knows the market well and has proven themselves in it many times before.

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