Cash Genie provides short-term loans of any amount from £75-£750 that can be paid into your account on the same day. Hopefully you won’t have the cash flow issues that mean you need a short term loan, but it happens to most of us from time to time, and sometimes the quickest and simplest solution to the problem is the best one, because it can give you peace of mind and enable you to concentrate on the important things in life.

Especially now, in troublesome economic times, people who never expected to experience money issues are feeling low on cash. Cash Genie is able, and always happy to help, but also always encourages responsible lending and borrowing. Some people these days are having to make do with smaller budgets, which means taking into consideration various saving techniques that they are not used to. They have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle, with the luxury of not having to think too much about what brand of pasta to buy, for example. Now, though, it would be worth their while to consider things like this.

Keeping accurate accounts of your income and expenditure is the first step to averting money problems in the future. We often neglect to keep and file receipts for things we nonchalantly buy, and believe me – they can add up! At the end of the month, when the bank statement comes through, we realise we had totally forgotten about them, and in these situations it feels like losing money, even though it is really money we willingly spent. Keeping track of receipts helps to nurture good money saving habits, and it makes you really value what you do buy. In turn, it helps to curb casual spending, and, for example, we will be more likely to ask ourselves if we really want to have this £4 sandwich at a petrol station, or whether we could just wait until we get home and make a much nicer sandwich for free. Of course, the ingredients used for the sandwich are not free, and this is another thing worth considering: are we getting value for money on our groceries? It is nice to have good quality, but sometimes it seems we are just paying for nice packaging.

At Cash Genie they recognise the value of sensible budgeting. They also recognise, however, that sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and a short term answer can help tide us over until we get back on track.

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