After finishing university, I moved out of my parents’ house immediately, as I was keen to maintain the independence I had gained there.  Sometimes, though, it was quite difficult to keep up my rent payments when I was still feeling the strain of student debt.  Last May I became rather anxious because I just did not know how I was going to pay my rent.  It was so annoying because I knew that as soon as my next payday came I would be alright.  I started looking for a short term loan.  All I wantedwas a cash advance that would see me through until I next got paid.  Luckily, I found a company called Cash Genie who were able to give me instant loan approval and transfer the loan into my account really quickly.

I was able to borrow between £75 and £750 – I was quite relieved that the amount wasn’t higher as I knew I would have been tempted to take out a bigger loan, which I might not have been able to repay as easily.  The application was fairly straightforward, as the only conditions I needed to fulfil were being over 18, employed, and earning over £500 per month.  These small loans provide money for people who do not have access to mainstream credit.  I could have got a credit card, but I was anxious that as I was struggling with my finances a bit, I could end up with a large credit card bill that I wouldn’t be able to pay back.

The company emphasised that they are a short term solution.  Indeed, you can only borrow from them for a 30 day period.  The speed was certainly a good thing as far as I was concerned though, as the instant loan approval was just what I needed.  After the loan was transferred to my account, I paid my rent quickly so I knew how much money I had left, and then worked out a precise budget for what I would be able to spend until my next payday, when I would have to pay back my loan.

I definitely think that for me, a short term loan was a better choice than getting a credit card, which would without a doubt have left me in amounts amounts of debt.  The simplicity of getting a cash advance to last me through until my next payday made things really easy, and I didn’t have to fill in lots of forms.  And getting instant loan approval really gave me peace of mind, and saved my relationship with my landlord.

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