What do people mean when they speak about unified communications solutions?

Basically, unified communications solutions bring all of the items you use for communications together into a single system. Imagine the advantages of having all your telephones, video, IM and conferencing all in one environment.

Video conferencing and audio visual conferencing definitely came to the fore earlier this year. The Icelandic volcano eruption disrupted plane travel in Europe, leaving many businessmen stranded. But due to unified communications solutions from Edge Vision, business meetings could still take place!

Video conferencing software lets you use your computer to conduct meetings with people from all over the planet.

The ability to be able to do this is vital if you’re trying to achieve a business deal. The difference between success and failure regularly comes down to the speed with which you communicate.

Now consider the probable cost saving advantages to audio visual conferencing. The ability to carry on as always with meetings during the volcanic crisis showed companies that there’s no need to spend enormous sums of money on plane tickets.

These days you can discuss elaborate procedures by displaying images, graphs and PowerPoint presentations in an audio visual conferencing environment.

Edge Vision realises that, as more and more companies come to depend on unified communications solutions; system reliability is of overriding importance. That’s why the company arranges to visit the home of every one of installations, twice a year.

This preventative maintenance visit is carried out by highly experienced support engineers who run a complete series of diagnostic checks to ensure systems are in excellent working order.

Now is the time to get on the bandwagon and upgrade your communication systems to suit 21st century living.

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