I used to find giving powerpoint presentations a real problem.  I never quite felt that I had mastered the art of reducing the information I wanted to impart into a few slides, and standing next to a screen talking people through them.  I was used to doing sales presentations, but had not always done so with the powerpoint programme, as my sales pitches were more practical, focusing on demonstrations of the product itself.  I realised that until I felt completely confident with the program I would struggle to make really powerful sales pitches.  For that reason, I decided to take a course in powerpoint design.

I looked around to see which companies offered this service, and was reassured to see there were quite a few, in particular, Eyeful Presentations, which offers a variety of packages to help people and companies improve their powerpoint skills.  My company funded the course, and it was really good to have a few days out of the office.  I was amazed by some of the techniques I learnt, as I really had not been aware beforehand of the potential of powerpoint as a visual and aural communication device.  I had never thought of putting moving images into my presentations, but I realised that this is the kind of strategy that will really make clients sit up and listen to pitches.

The company also advised me directly on how to improve one of my existing presentations, one which previously had been rather unexciting.  I almost thought that once when I was delivering it, the client was beginning to close his eyes.  The improvements I was able to make at the powerpoint design course really improved my tired old presentation, and the next time I delivered it, not only was the content clearly better, but because I was so confident that I had finally created  an effective presentation, my delivery was noticeablybetter.

I approach sales presentations from a completely different perspective nowadays.  When I am given a brief, my improved knowledge of powerpoint design allows me to think far more carefully about how I can use the tools that powerpoint offers to best communicate my pitch. I think my clients are grateful as well – there are certainly those who dread being in the audience for powerpoint presentations, and I believe that I am able to pleasantly surprise them by delivering a pitch that doesn’t make them want to turn around and walk straight out of the building!

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