If you live in the capital and hope to improve your fitness, self-awareness, and flexibility, you could try London kickboxing classes. Karmaa hosts a London kickboxing club that trains all through the week, offering an opportunity to learn kickboxing London residents can engage with, whatever their timetable.

Kickboxing is a combination of styles and combines bits of traditional Eastern martial arts – such as Karate – with Western principles and needs. In fact, it was created by US military personnel, who spent time in Japan during the Second World War. When they came home, they adapted what they had found there into a style that suited their needs.

Kickboxing is for all, regardless of age or fitness. The sessions are at first non-contact, as you build up flexibility and fitness and learn the basic moves – punches, kicks, and self-defence techniques. Should you want to, later on you can spar with other students, though this is not required. Kickboxing provides a good workout and is great for both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, since it draws on a number of different principles and needs. However, you do not need to look like Jean-Claude Van Damme or Bruce Lee to begin with!

If the normal classes with other students aren’t enough for you, there is always the option of personal sessions with one of the qualified instructors. This is an opportunity to speed up your training, spending one-on-one time with someone who will help you to achieve your potential fast and effectively. On the other hand, if you’re just beginning and aren’t sure whether this is the martial art for you, there is a free class offer to allow you to try before you buy. This can be arranged online or over the phone. Classes are even available for children, from four years old and upwards.

If you’re interested in London kickboxing classes, this is a great club to try. Located in Camden, this is a London kickboxing club that should provide you with what you are looking for, whether in terms of health, fun, meeting like-minded people or learning some self-defence techniques and giving you some confidence. The timetable means that there should be lessons you can attend whatever your own schedule. If you’re looking for kickboxing London, take a look at the website and apply for a free class now.

Please click http://www.karmaa.co.uk/ for further information about this topic.


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