The last thing you want to have to install on a building are ugly blinds and sunshades. While too much sunlight might be damaging both to fabrics, wall surfaces and art objects, not to mention human skin, a room which lets in no natural light tends to be gloomy. The solution is to install external louvres that are elegant and functional and effectively protect valuable objects and décor from sun damage. Incorporating brise soleil in your shading system makes for maximum protection and hence sustainability. What’s more, the ready availability of glass louvres from specialist suppliers means that your shades can be aesthetic as well as practical.

Putting unsightly additions on the exterior of a building can be controversial with neighbours, local councils and – if the building receives customers or clients – visitors. You need not worry about marring extant architecture by erecting stylish louvres, however. They are an extremely aesthetic choice, as well as having considerable environmental benefits. Providers supply louvres engineered to meet a wide range of requirements. As they can be made from glass, your shades can be silk-screened, tailor cut, etched, coloured or coated according to your specifications. Neither do your louvres have to be static – they can also be installed in motorised, movable positions. Louvres are more than just an add-on. With a great variety of design available, more and more architects are integrating louvres into buildings.

The question of the durability of your shading system is worth considering. Extra resilient shading systems made from aluminium and stainless steel will withstand high winds and loads of snow. Thanks to their lightweight frames, vibration is also minimised. Whatever the façade of the building in question, whether commercial, public, old or new, a selection of fixings and colour coatings can be chosen from in order to blend shading systems with their immediate surrounds.

Most importantly, a good quality shading system will promote the longevity of objects such as valuable works of art, save costs on air conditioning, reduce glare and increase privacy. First and foremost direct sunlight is prevented from entering a building. Significantly, direct sunlight is the chief cause of heat gain and as shading systems help keep things cool, you’ll save on your air conditioning bill. Additionally the environment will benefit, as ozone-depleting gases produced by air conditioning units will be correspondingly reduced.

To sum up, brise soleil enables natural ventilation to be a viable option without the loss of privacy or risk of light damage. External louvres are an effective protective measure, and decrease running costs. Glass louvres combine function with style. If you are environmentally conscious when it comes to architecture and light damage, turn to a comprehensive shading system solution.

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