If you are in search of a alternative way to keep fit, relax, spend some leisure time or simply try something new, kickboxing could be for you. What’s more, a kickboxing club has the added bonus of offering you the chance to learn some invaluable self defence techniques. Kickboxing London classes are on offer all day, and accessible to all ages, abilities and genders.

There’s no reason to be worried. The classes are matched to your standard and ability, and are usually non-contact, so there is no danger of getting hurt. On specific days of the week, personal classes are available. At other times, classes offer slots based on age and ability that begin at four years old! As well as classes for young children, there are classes for older children, teenagers, students, and parents. The range is wide, and there is something for everyone. Ability-based classes include beginners, intermediate and senior levels, so whether you’re an amateur or a pro, there’ll be a class for you.

On top of this broad selection, more specialised classes – such as sparring classes – and more technical theory lessons will be on a good kickboxing club’s timetable for die-hard enthusiasts.
The advantages of kickboxing are at least twofold. Firstly, it is a fun and exciting type of exercise that enhances not only physical but mental health. The exercise is aerobic and increases flexibility, co-ordination and speed. All in all, kickboxing is a great work out. It also encourages you to seek your limitations, and develop beyond them.

Secondly, this fun sport can teach you how to effectively defend yourself. The self-defence aspect enables you to circumvent threatening situations or, if they prove unavoidable, to effectively deal with threatening behaviour and look after yourself, your children and your property. Due to this self-defence aspect of kickboxing, more and more women are signing up in order to demonstrate their independence. Kickboxing is also the ultimate extra-curricular activity for children, teaching them useful skills as well as supporting self-discipline and positive behaviour. Kickboxing is never off-limits, and neither are the benefits that come with it.

Acquiring these skills can lift your personal confidence, and not only in terms of self-defence. Kickboxing classes are a fantastic opportunity for social interaction, and to have a good deal of fun.
Kickboxing is a martial art that has a very important set of traditions and history behind it, and each school understands this tradition in its own way. Your local kickboxing London club will have its own individual interpretation of these teachings, and how they should be applied. For an insight into a culture, as well as a fun way to stay fit and stay safe on the streets, visit a kickboxing club – often the first lesson is free – and stay one step ahead.

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