For professionals who have been doing care home manager jobs for some time and are keen on developing their careers, moving to a luxury care home might be one possibility. But for those who are used to nursing home manager jobs in standard homes, these ‘high end’ nursing homes can be something of a mystery.  This article considers the philosophy and operations at a typical high end nursing home, with a view to exploring how home manager jobs at such places might differ from more typical ones.

It is often the case that luxury nursing homes are purpose-built to enable residents to be as independent as possible.  In some cases, this means that instead of being one building or flat, the home takes the form of a village, which give the feel of community and safety, without residents feeling that they have been moved into an institution.  In this sense, some people who do not require extra care may see moving to such a home as offering an enviable lifestyle, and one which enables them to settle into the environment before they might become dependent on others for care.  If elderly people suddenly find themselves in houses that are too large for their needs and too difficult to maintain, they may opt to move to a luxury retirement home rather than buying a smaller property, thus avoiding all the hassle that goes with the extra moving.

The key selling point of luxury homes compared with more conventional care homes is the independence they provide, and the social aspect of the home.  For those who can afford it, another option is to use the services of an outside care agency, but this can leave people feeling rather lonely as they are stuck in their own home.

Deluxe care homes or villages sometimes offer the option to buy apartments within the complex, reflecting the fact that they are presented more as a long-term lifestyle choice than as a last resort for those who are in need of full time care.

An understanding of the nature of these nursing homes should give a good insight into how these kind of care home manager jobs might differ from regular ones.  nursing home manager jobs in high-end homes demand not just a manager who is in command of the care provision and safety of residents, but also an awareness of the need to ensure quality of life for residents who are much more independent than those one might be accustomed to.  Home manager jobs like this present different challenges but can be just as enjoyable and, of course, offer better salaries than conventional ones.

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