Stress is one of the major issues of our age, and none more so than in London. Kickboxing classes can be a brilliant way to burn off some of the tension and pent-up energy collected from driving a desk all day. If you’re finding that your job is having unwanted consequences for your health, emotions and waistline, then a London kickboxing club might have the answer you need. Kickboxing is a punching and kicking-based martial art that has its origins in other more codified styles from Japan and elsewhere; in practice it is a mish-mash of techniques brought together from different martial arts to create something good for Western learners. For kickboxing London has many such clubs, with different approaches and teaching different styles – you may find, for example, that whereas one club emphasises self-defence techniques and may even incorporate some grappling moves, others are more purist and focus on punches and kicks on their own (with the appropriate blocks) in the interests of preparing you for sparring, which relies on strict rules for what is allowed and what is not permitted.

All of this means that, although kickboxing is a fantastic way to exercise, it’s always worth shopping around and finding out what you can learn before you choose a club. Of course, there’s no reason you shouldn’t see several before you find one you’re comfortable with; one of the things that often puts people off studying a martial art is the typical movie view of classes, which go along the lines of a harsh, Karate-kid style sensei imposing his will on the students with pain and shouting. (Other people, of course, may be looking for and need just this kind of motivation…) Although such classes are in the minority nowadays, at least in London and for beginners, the different emphases may still attract or put you off.

So look around on the internet for London kickboxing classes and better still find someone who has tried them and can tell you what you can expect from a standard London kickboxing club. Once you’ve found one you like the look of, you should usually be able to try it out for free – there should be more details on the website, but beginners are often given taster lessons to allow them to decide whether they like it enough to want to sign up for a longer period of time.

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