Getting to grips with employees law is difficult at the best of times, and if you need to do so there is a fair possibility that you are already going through a stressful time. After all, it is not the case that all branches of law follow the same patterns, and the reality is that employee employment law can be a headache to understand. With it being a lesser-known branch of law, when compared to the apparently ubiquitous injury claims law, or property law, many situations, and opportunities for justice can go under the radar, as I found out to my considerable disadvantage. This was because I had never had any idea about what services in employment law uk lawyers are able to provide.

My story is that I was working for a firm, whose name I will not reveal for – you guessed it – legal reasons, in a comfortable but dull admin position. I didn’t particularly enjoy my job, but nonetheless I carried out my contractual obligations quietly and efficiently, and always in a professional manner. Then things suddenly took a turn for the worse when my boss, a fairly uptight fellow, one day called me to his office for a word.

He said to me that he wanted to know what illegal drugs I was taking, and that he would have to let me go. Believe me, I was completely gobsmacked. I have never taken drugs in my life; I am absolutely terrified of them! I really did not know what to say, and I think I started by asking if there was any problem with my work. To my amazement he said no, but it was my laid back attitude that made him suspect me as a ‘user’. I think he mistook my vague apathy with what I saw as a bill-paying nine to five as drug addiction! And he sacked me, there and then, without prior notice, and, naturally, no proof.

I wrote a letter of intent to sue, and they started pressurising me with letters and phone calls. I eventually took a settlement from them because I wanted an end to it, but I later discovered that it was far too small. I should have taken them to court, and if I had known more about employees law I would have. A specialist in employment law uk would have been able to advise me on my employee employment law case, and today I would probably be a much richer man.

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