Those interested in building uptheir fitness, learning how to defend themselves, or simply taking up a new activity might find much to enjoy in taking up kickboxing.  Londoners have many options in terms of joining a kickboxing club in the capital, whether they want to practice every night, once a week, or just whenever they feel like it.  In fact, kickboxing London is growing into what could almost be called a movement, with new adherents opting for kickboxing every week.

One of the least complex of the combat sports, kickboxing is a mixture of kicking and punching.  It is also one of the less dangerous – in general, the fight ends when one of the combatants reaches the ground.  This makes it one of the most popular self-defence activities for those seeking a contact sport that is not overly demanding.  Still, protective clothing is generally worn.  Most combatants wear at least boxing gloves and a mouth guard.  The rules of kickboxing vary according to levels of skill and/or amateurism, as, for example, those with less experience often fight with light contact rules, regulating the use of force.

There are a few different martial arts that are labelled with the term kickboxing.  These include Japanese kickboxing, American kickboxing, Indian boxing, Burmese boxing and French boxing.  The term is often used to refer to all of these sports, whose rules differ slightly.  Kickboxing techniques are not dissimilar to those used in regular boxing – the standard punches, for example, would be fairly familiar to most people. The jab, cross, hook and uppercut are sometimes complemented by the addition of the short straight-punch, backfist and flying-punch.  Just as there are four standard punches in the sport, most participants would tend to use one of four classic kicks.  These are the front kick, side kick, semi-circular kick and roundhouse kick.  There are a variety of dodging and other techniques that fighters use to accompany these moves.

Finding your local kickboxing club should not be difficult, and is likely to be worth the effort.  Not only will the sport greatly improve the strength in your legs and arms, but giving someone a good pounding in the ring is strangely a great way to meet people in your local area (as long as they are not too competitive).  It is no wonder, then, that kickboxing London is taking off.  A sure fire way to relieve the stresses of a tough day at the office, kickboxing is a martial art with much to offer.

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